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You’ve Got Big Competition

Every independent operator knows how much pressure the national chains bring to the marketplace. It seems like they have unlimited Advertising budgets, teams of Social Media staffers and a nice big corporate test kitchen where they can stay on top of every new food trend that comes along.

The Challenge

To survive, you’ve got to run a tight ship; You have to watch every expense and more importantly, find cost effective ways to build your customer base and interact with your fans. You’ve got to be able to capitalize on traffic when it’s heavy, and drive new business when things are slower. Most importantly you need to be able to quickly identify and use available tools to help you achieve this objective.

The Solution

We’ve created a Restaurant Marketing App that lets you accomplish just that! Without touching your existing website (unless you want to do that) we can help you do the following:

You Can Increase Your Covers and Average Checks Now With A Little F & B Mojo.


F & B Mojo’s Web Design and SEO Strategies Will Increase Your Online Visibility, Drive More Traffic To Your Restaurant, And Capture More Covers and Customers.


We Understand The Challenges of Running Restaurants, Cafe’s and Bars in Today’s Market. We Know the Pressure That You In the Food & Beverage Industry Face!

  • We have a deep background in F&B Solutions and Marketing. We know how to help you drive more traffic
  • Your current web site and marketing programs are not working anymore, but it’s the only method you know
  • You’ve tried Groupon and Social Media but you aren’t seeing the results you need to stay profitable and competitive

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Social Media

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Reputation Marketing

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We're Here To Help You Grow

Boost Your Mobile Visibility

Instant Mobile Refresh

Anytime You update prices or add menu items, your updates are automatically published to your website.

Monitor Your Social Mentions

Stay on top of your Social Media activity and mentions. See in real time what your customers are saying about you in your community.

Extensive Customer Interaction

You can, if you choose to, interact directly with your patrons by text and email from your website. We make it easy to help you grow your restaurant’s sales

  • Mobile Activity 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Average Check 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60% 60%

Get Amazing Results

Check the button and call us directly for information on how we can help you build your restaurant’s sales.