Restaurant Web Design

At the heart of F & B Mojo’s portfolio are our tools to help you drive more customers to your cafe or restaurant with inbound marketing. More customers and covers will translate directly into more revenue and incremental profits for your establishment. We know how difficult it is to operate a restaurant on a daily basis. We know the challenges you face just trying to keep pace. Let us help you drive more appetizer or dessert sales. Allow us to design a bar promo to help drive up the average check. We can add expertise to help you drive more top line revenues while you concentrate on operations. Nobody knows your restaurant better than you do. Spend your valuable time where you should; inside the unit talking to customers out front or smoothing out production in the back. We can help you by providing cost effective solutions designed to help you generate more traffic. We offer high level Web Design, SEO, Local Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs, Menu Design and other online marketing tools to help your bar or restaurant grow. Here’s a summary of how we can help you establish your online presence and gain more traffic, customers, and sales.

F&B Mojo Restaurant Web Design

We Include Premium Photography

Photography is a mighty tool. And it’s hardly possible to find a great restaurant website that is not decorated with images. All professional restaurant web designs use food photography in a variety of ways to put the focus on their services, special offers, etc. Some of restaurants or cafés prefer big high-quality pictures to dominate their websites. Whether it is a full background or in a slideshow, the images play an enormous part in attracting visitors and arousing an overwhelming desire to taste the dishes.

We mention this first because in relation to restaurant websites, photography can make or break everything. When it’s great, the images should complement the entire design. When it’s bad the site looks unprofessional, off-putting, and just downright unappetizing. Balance is the key here. Too many images can be distracting and will severely impact your page loading speed.

F&B Mojo only uses high quality, high resolution images that will render well in today’s smartphones and high resolution computer screens.

Responsive Website Designs
Every website designed by F&B Mojo is “responsive” meaning that it will look great on any device including smartphones. No customer will have to “pinch and zoom” to try and view your content. Being responsive also means that your website will always be mobile optimized. You will never need a separate mobile website or mobile app just to attract mobile customers.

Designed For Great User Experience
We keep the user experience in mind when designing your new website. We help you make your site a great and simple process for your customers to navigate. There are several tasks that need to be accomplished. Aside from browsing the food, customers may also want to find a nearby location, get support from a manager, or perhaps read a little history on the company. AND, you want them to be able to check-in on Facebook, Foursquare, etc. We make that easy. Overall the website should be very simple to navigate. Too many navigation items will create havoc for someone that just wants to check the price of a small pizza. Design from the standpoint of a natural-flowing user experience which focuses on the most important tasks.

Clean & Simple Menus

As important as it is, your customers aren’t on your website to admire your sophisticated photography or soak up the well-designed layouts. Well maybe sometimes, but most customers want to actually order something or make a reservation. F&B Mojo makes this process easy for your customers and profitable for the operator.

The best restaurant websites have menus featuring more than just items with prices. It helps to include a brief description, portion sizes, and for some operators, now nutrition facts may be required. We work with you to help lighten your servers work load by adding relevant information that may answer most of the questions your patrons have about ingredients, preparation, etc.

Easy Social Media Relevancy

Restauranteurs know how important it is for customers to be able to check-in and post on social media. We will connect your website to your social media accounts and make that process simple and pleasant for your customers. We will help you drive more “likes”, and 5 star online reviews. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are so common that many customers would take the time to check out a restaurant page based on their friends check-ins and “likes”.

Consistent Branding
With a solid user interface, we focus on consistent branding of your business. We will use custom colors and fonts to match your logo across the entire platform. This gives you a professional look and improves your perception.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the most important thing which can be done to improve SEO. With F&B Mojo, your website will be built with best practices for on-page optimization in mind. Often times, small changes like optimizing URLs or ensuring links are correct will make a huge difference to your rankings. There are many on-page SEO factors, but don’t feel overwhelmed! We take care of these for you.
These are the 9 main on-page optimization factors we will handle on your F&B Mojo site:
• Title Tags
• H1 Tags
• Subheadings (H2-H6)
• Meta Description
• Content
• Images
• Internal Links
• Back-end factors
URL Optimization
This is one of most important on-page SEO ranking factors because it conveys to search engines what your webpage is about. Many web designers let the Content Manage System automatically set the URL. We don’t. We will optimize the url for every page to give it the best chance to rank for the content on that page.
Title Tag Optimization
The Title Tag is what shows up in search engines. It is the title which searchers will click on. Title Tags do not show up on the actual webpage. Just like with URL’s, we optimize the title tag for each page to inform search engines what the website is about. For example, let’s say you run a steak house and write a blog post about dry aging beef. You come up with what you think is a savvy, clever title for your post, “You’re not all wet with this aging technique.”
The post title might be clever, and might be okay if your main traffic source is social media. But this title doesn’t give search engines a clear indication as to what your webpage is about.   We get the keywords in the titles.

H1 Tag Optimization
Many people don’t know the difference between title tags and header tags. While they both describe what the entire page is about, they are actually very different things. We optimize all H1-H6 tags.
Meta Description Optimization
Meta description is the short description about your webpage which shows up in the search results under your Title. At the beginning of the online era, it was a ranking factor for SEO. It is still an important on-page optimization factor. Web users have gotten a lot savvier in recent years. They don’t just click on the first result in the SERPs. They click the result which they think will best meet their needs.
Consider these stats: CTR studies show that about 17%-31% of clicks go to the first position on the Search Page Results. About 10%-14% of clicks go to the second position and about 8%-10% of clicks go to the third position.
Yes, being #1 in the rankings is still great, but why do you think so many people are clicking on #2 and #3? One reason is because those pages had better-written meta descriptions. You can’t always be in the #1 spot on the SERPs. But, if your meta descriptions are better than the page who is ranking #1, you can still get those clicks!
Content Optimization
There is a good reason that the SEO mantra has long been “content is king.” Content is what tells the search engines what your webpage is about. Content is also what ultimately converts your users. After all, your goal isn’t to just get tons of traffic, is it? You want that traffic to come to your restaurant. It is better to have 500 visitors and a 50% conversion rate than 1,000 visitors and a 2% conversion rate. We make sure your content is fresh, relevant and unique. No page content will ever be duplicated.

With F&B Mojo, great content always starts with keyword research. But keyword research isn’t just about finding the most sought-after terms and banking on them. Good keyword research helps inform you about what your audience really finds important so you can better meet user needs. After finding out what real people are searching for, we then adapt your content to make sure it is addressing their search inquiries.
Image Optimization
Search engines still can’t see images (at least not yet – search engines in the future will be able to see images like humans). Until then, it is up to us to tell the search engines what our images are about. This is done with Image Titles and ALT text. This is why we optimize all the image info so that Google, Bing and Yahoo know the search terms that your images relate to. We also compress images so that they load faster. Slow page loads will hurt your rankings.

Internal Link Optimization
When we talk about links and SEO, it is usually in reference to backlinks from other websites. But internal links are also an important on-page optimization factor. F&B Mojo will include links to other pages on your website. This informs search engines about what pages are most important.

Online Digital Marketing For Restaurants has never been so fun.