Restaurant Marketing Solutions

At the heart of F & B Mojo’s portfolio are our tools to help you drive more customers to your cafe or restaurant with inbound marketing. More customers and covers will translate directly into more revenue and incremental profits for your establishment. We know how difficult it is to operate a restaurant on a daily basis. We know the challenges you face just trying to keep pace. Let us help you drive more appetizer or dessert sales. Allow us to design a bar promo to help drive up the average check. We can add expertise to help you drive more top line revenues while you concentrate on operations. Nobody knows your restaurant better than you do. Spend your valuable time where you should; inside the unit talking to customers out front or smoothing out production in the back. We can help you by providing cost effective solutions designed to help you generate more traffic. We offer high level Web Design, SEO, Local Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs, Menu Design and other online marketing tools to help your bar or restaurant grow. Here’s a summary of how we can help you establish your online presence and gain more traffic, customers, and sales.

Sky's The Limit

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Web Design

What’s the best way to scare off your prospects? Having a stale, static, amateurish website. Your website is your online storefront, and if you won’t treat it seriously, your prospects won’t take your business seriously. From the time the visitor lands on your website you have only SECONDS before they decide to stay on your website and engage in your content or bounce and go find another website. You cannot afford to overlook the importance of intelligent design with high quality content.

Search Engine Optimization

You need SEO to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic! Boost your sales and grow your business beginning today! Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines. SEO aims to push your web pages to the top of organic or unpaid search results pages (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). This way, prospects will find your website when they make search engine queries about your business or queries about a product or service you offer.

Local Marketing

You need Local Marketing to tap on local listings search with reviews, check-ins, and promos to increase your visibility and induce a viral effect in the local scene. Online Local Marketing is the optimization of your presence in local listings, maps, and reviews in search engines and major sites such as Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare to make your business searchable and increase its visibility online.

Online Reputation Marketing

In a survey, 80% of patrons changed their restaurant decision after seeing a negative review online. Make sure that positive reviews about your business dominate the online world with Online Reputation Marketing. Your online reputation is important to your profitability. We can help you drive more legitimate Positive Reviews Online. That’s why we monitor your online reviews and make sure the great ones get posted!

Video Marketing

“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Show, don’t tell. That is the simplest yet most powerful lesson a storyteller can learn. As marketers put more emphasis on content that tells a story, we need to remember that old writing adage—even though it’s much easier said than done. F & B Mojo can help you make that happen. Video content is becoming a surefire way to increase click-through rates and digital conversions, and operators are starting to take notice.

Website Audit

Our website audit will evaluate a site for its content and technical performance. As a result, an audit will give you a chance to inspect the robustness of your website’s technical framework and infrastructure, assess how friendly your website is to search engines, and determine how easy it is for users to navigate and find content on your website. Plus, web audits will be able to identify more SEO opportunities and correct any problems.

Finally, a website audit will enable you to spot any overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Ads can deliver targeted traffic, leads, and sales to your restaurant. We can also retarget visitors who have left your website and transform them to customers! With Pay per click advertising, your ads are displayed to users when they use the keywords you target as they make searches online. Remarketing gives you the ability to get your ads displayed to your visitors after they leave your website and visit other sites in the Google Network.

Online Menus

You can easily put your restaurant menus online with F & B Mojo. We can help you incorporate them into your main website or place them separately in a mobile app that your customers can access tableside from their smartphones and tablets. Plus, you can use it to instantly update specials, run dessert or app promotions and even drive more 5 star customer online reviews. Call F & B Mojo today and let us show you a demo and how this can help you now.

Online Digital Marketing For Restaurants has never been so fun.